4GB DDR3 Memory Roundup - Part 2

November 21, 2008 | 08:59

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Elixir M2FG64CB8HA4N-DG

Manufacturer: Elixir
UK Price (as reviewed): £150 for a 4GB kit

We may do a lot of performance memory reviews but what Nanya approached us with was something a little more special. Its new memory ICs feature native 1,600MHz performance at just 1.5V. While Nanya memory may concentrate on the OEM side of things, its Elixir brand is designed for the consumer channel but mostly in the mainstream market, however 1,600MHz DDR3 is anything but mainstream and, at £150 including VAT, these will cost less than most kits out there.

Because of the super low voltage, these DIMMs don't require heatspreaders and barely even get hot under load, however Elixir claims that a new version with a heatspreader will be available in December. This should mean they could have quite a bit of voltage and performance overhead.

We were interested in a set of these because they not only meet our requirements for this round-up, but not everything has to have a funky design with a cool name and branded heatspreaders. This Elixir memory focuses on value over everything and that could be a key factor in winning over users to get into some DDR3 action.

4GB DDR3 Memory Roundup - Part 2 Elixir 1,600MHz DDR3 at just 1.5V? 4GB DDR3 Memory Roundup - Part 2 Elixir 1,600MHz DDR3 at just 1.5V?
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Having said that, each DIMM comes on a nice blue PCB that certainly looks better than the vanilla green and the standard low profile design means they will fit into any case and sit next to any CPU heatsink. That compatibility bonus is key to some who are unsure about certain motherboards or low profile cases for example.


    Kit: 1 x 240-pin DDR3 Double Sided DIMM
    Module Size: 2x2GB
    Module Code: M2FG64CB8HA4N-DG
    Rated Speed: 1,600MHz
    Rated Timings: 9-9-9-27
    Rated Voltage: 1.5V
    Memory Chips: Elixir N2CB1G80AN-DG
    EPP/XMP: No

4GB DDR3 Memory Roundup - Part 2 Elixir 1,600MHz DDR3 at just 1.5V? 4GB DDR3 Memory Roundup - Part 2 Elixir 1,600MHz DDR3 at just 1.5V?
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With a timing set of 9-9-9-27 it's unlikely to set the performance world on fire and with no option for EPP2 or XMP, these are certainly missing value-adds - that's to be expected though. In addition, an unflattering title of M2FG64CB8HA4N-DG will probably make these hard to find as well - the difference between typing in "Patriot Viper" versus M2FG64CB8H... into a search engine or a website product database and getting something wrong or not understanding what you're getting is much higher.

Finally, another feature that is lacking a little is the warranty - just the absolute bare minimum of 12 months worldwide, or 24 in Europe (thanks to EU law) will make enthusiasts look elsewhere. Since these aren't for enthusiasts though, it's not unusual for a low warranty to turn off value concious frequent upgraders who will not risk stressing the modules quite so much. However, warranty does add to the resell value and £150 is not a small investment by any means.
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