LG IPS236V Review

Written by Antony Leather

August 21, 2011 | 10:12

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LG IPS236V Review

Manufacturer: LG
UK price (as reviewed): £147.40 (inc VAT)
US price (as reviewed): $249.00 (ex tax)

With the monitor market now focused on the 16:9 ratio, many of us are clinging protectively to our 16:10 monitors. However, if you’re upgrading from an older monitor, the recent introduction of budget 16:9 monitors that use IPS panels shouldn’t be overlooked. LG is the latest manufacturer to clamber on board the bandwagon, following ViewSonic, whose VP2365wb 23in IPS monitor is our current favourite for less than £200.

The 23in IPS236V is an LG Flatron monitor with a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and an almost unbelievably low retail price of £147.40 (did someone forget to carry the 2?). This price is made all the more amazing by the fact that just a few weeks ago the IPS236V was retailing for £191.

Despite this low price the IPS236V still differentiates itself from the competition via its LED backlight which, if you believe the hype, allows for slightly lower power draw and a more even backlight. While it felt cooler than other monitors when switched on, this is more than likely due to the fact that it has an external power brick.

*LG IPS236V Review LG IPS236V Review *LG IPS236V Review LG IPS236V Review
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The IPS236V looked set for an interesting battle with the ViewSonic, then, but its physical attributes leave a lot to be desired. The stand is fairly attractive but flimsy, and wobbles significantly. This issue is magnified by the large, glossy bezel.

The IPS236V’s stand also lacks the adjustment offered by the ViewSonic. You can only tilt the screen – there’s no swivel or, more importantly, height adjustment; the latter is particularly useful for obtaining a comfortable viewing level with your eyes. All the usual inputs are included: D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. The latter is missing from the ViewSonic, and allows for an easier connection with devices such as games consoles or Blu-ray players.

The IPS236V is also lacking when it comes to brightness, offering 250cd/m2 while the ViewSonic offers 300cd/m2. Both are equipped with IPS panels, although the LG sports an S-IPS variety, as opposed to the e-IPS model included with the ViewSonic.

Needless to say, both panels are massively superior to older TN panel monitors in terms of image quality. The IPS236V was particularly sharp and vibrant. Initially, the Lagom image test suite revealed a dire black level, but we rectified this by heading into the OSD and increasing the gamma level.

*LG IPS236V Review LG IPS236V Review *LG IPS236V Review LG IPS236V Review
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We noticed some light bleed in the corners of the screen, but this was only noticeable in a dark room and with black backgrounds. Otherwise, the colour distribution was even. Viewing angles were also good, but there was a slight drop in contrast when viewing beyond a vertical 30˚ angle head on. This was most noticeable on white web pages; overall though, the monitor’s whites were impressive.

In games and videos, the claimed 5ms response time meant that any ghosting was imperceptible, even in fast-paced games. Blacks were punchy if a little stark compared with those from some of the more advanced TN panels we’ve seen recently, while our input lag test revealed a peak of about 40ms of lag behind our control monitor. This is the same peak input lag we saw with the ViewSonic, but the IPS236V’s average input lag was a little higher.


There is no doubting the fact that the LG IPS236V is tremendous value - it’s a competent IPS screen for £150, after all. You even get LED backlighting, which makes the screen particularly vibrant and punchy.

The IPS236V does face some competition from the ViewSonic VP2365wb which while more expensive, has height adjustment, a better stand and suffers less from input lag. Given that image quality was roughly equivalent between the two though we’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend the IPS236V as it’s a fantastically cheap way to get hold of an IPS screen
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