ViewSonic VX1940w 19" widescreen

Written by Jeremy Laird

April 21, 2008 | 13:03

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Features & Build Quality

Frill-free and light on extras is about is what you get from the VX1940w in terms of feature set. In some regards, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

We certainly don't mourn the omission of superfluous addenda such as feeble integrated speakers or those grainy, low-res webcams which some cheap monitors include but barely get used by most owners.

However, there are a few areas where the no-nonsense configuration is a little too mean. Take the chassis. With tilt-only stand adjustability, the mild aroma of corner cutting is unmistakable.

Rotate and swivel may not be essential for most users, but the ability to adjust the height is ergonomically pretty crucial--especially in the days when ergonomics in the workplace are becoming increasingly important. But it's not an option, sadly.

ViewSonic VX1940w 19 ViewSonic VX1940w 19
ViewSonic VX1940w 19
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What ViewSonic has done though is to integrate some nifty cable management loops onto the back of the stand, which will help to keep the VX1940w's cables tidy. However, given the no-frills selection of connectivity options, the number of cables trailing from the back of the screen isn't likely to cause an issue.

In an ideal world, we'd also like to see a few more input options beyond the single VGA and DVI sockets provided. That said, the DVI port does offer HDCP content encryption support which at least gives peace of mind for the future.

ViewSonic VX1940w 19 ViewSonic VX1940w 19
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It's also a reasonably attractive unit overall and solidly enough hewn. The screen bezel is commendably thin and not only maximises the VX1940w's space-saving potential but also visually minimises the loss of screen area compared with typical 20-inch models, particularly those with fat bezels. The input and OSD controls are likewise devoid of sex appeal but perfectly functional and ergonomic.
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