Bit-tech – You sell a fixed case at the moment in the form of the S2.0. We’ve seen some prototypes too that have all be heavily customised. Is customisation something a case owner can request – for example custom logos or different fan positions?

Magnus is the company's first full size ATX case

Magnus is the company's first full size ATX case

Justin - Absolutely. We’ve had people request different PSU and radiator positions and we do custom logos all the time – we’re working on an Asus ROG logo at the moment . For the S2.0, as the tooling paths are already laid out, it’s just a question of adding the design so it can be cut out.

Shaun – It can depend on the complexity of the design too. We have to re-draw most designs and it has taken several days some times to create something that’s workable with our CNC. We obviously have to draw the line somewhere but most things are possible.

Bit-tech – Do you offer general customisation services – ie cutting sheet acrylic?

Justin – Definitely, in fact it’s something we should advertise more. We’re aware some people won’t have the tools at home. Again as Shaun says, it depends on the complexity of the designs but you don’t even have to send us a CAD drawing. Simple dimensions on a piece of paper will do for simple cuts, so if you’re thinking of making a scratch build out of acrylic then that’s possibly something we can help with.

Bit-tech – What cases and other projects do you have in the pipeline?

Shaun – Modding fans will probably have noticed both mini-ITX and ATX case prototypes floating around online so it’s no secret we hope to bring both to retail at some point.

Parvum Systems Interview Custom services and future products Parvum Systems Interview Custom services and future products
You can see more of Magnus here. Click to enlarge

Justin - The mini-ITX case is more advanced, design wise and we hope to have this available soon. Our Magnus project isn’t just a new case for us – we’re including lots more refinements too that we’ve included following feedback. There’s lots more to do but we’d like to see it out some time in 2015.

We'd like to thank Justin and Shaun for their time and we'll be bringing you reviews of the S2.0 and mini-ITX cases very soon. In the meantime you can see more news about Parvum Systems' latest exploits on its Facebook page. Stay tuned.
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