CyberpowerPC Ultra 5 RTX Super

Written by Antony Leather

February 21, 2020 | 12:00

Tags: #amd #nvidia #pc #prebuilt #rtx #ryzen #system


Website: CrystalDiskMark

CrystalDiskMark is a freely available synthetic storage benchmark that uses incompressible data files. We report the read and write results of the single-thread, 32-queue-depth sequential test, which is representative of an SSD's peak speeds, and the and single-thread, 1-queue-depth 4KB random workload, which is the most relevant for home users and everyday tasks, especially the read speed. The software version used is 6.0.2.

PCMark 8 (Storage Traces)

Website: Futuremark

We've selected two benchmarks from PCMark 8's array of storage tests - the Battlefield 3 and Photoshop Heavy traces. These mimic real-world usage where storage can be a bottleneck, in these cases loading a game and entering a save game in Battlefield 3, and performing a heavy round of image editing in Photoshop. The results are given in seconds and include idle times.

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