Fierce PC Interview

March 15, 2016 | 13:49

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bit-tech: What custom aesthetic and mod options do you offer?

Jon: Currently, on relevant systems, we are offering various lighting and fluid colour options. You can also choose RGB lighting to suit your mood, with brightness control and other effects.

bit-tech: What custom liquid-cooling options do you offer?

Jon: We have options for clear and pastel fluids along with various colours.

Fierce PC Interview Fierce PC Interview
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bit-tech: If somebody wants a more customised, tailor-made PC than is available on the website, can that be accommodated?

Jon: We are always happy to speak to users and make changes, where possible, to produce their ideal PC. We have a customer support team and an experienced build crew ready to help.

bit-tech: What are you standard warranty terms, and what can they be extended to?

Jon: 1. 3 Year Protect Warranty (return to base - one year parts, three year labour, carriage free for first 30 days)
2. 3 Year Super-Protect Warranty (return to base - two year parts, three year labour, carriage free for first year)
3. 3 Year Ultra-Protect Warranty (return to base - three year parts, three year labour, carriage free for first two years)

Fierce PC Interview
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bit-tech: What processes are in place to deal with technical issues?

Jon: We include a ‘PC Set-Up Guide’ with every PC, which includes instructions, pictures and diagrams on everything from installing your own copy of Windows to where to plug in your monitor. We’ve tried hard to cover all the most frequently asked questions. I think that because of this, and the fact that we package our PCs extremely well, we have an incredibly low returns rate.

For those odd occasions, when further assistance is needed, we have a dedicated customer support team who are happy to take calls and emails. We can also use Team Viewer so that, with their permission, we can connect to our customers' PCs and take over to help resolve more technical issues.

We will always work with our customers as much as possible to try and resolve issues as we know the last thing anyone wants is to have to return a system. We find the vast majority of issues are resolved without a return taking place.

Fierce PC Interview

bit-tech: What about if a customer wants to upgrade one or more components at a later date – how is that handled?

Jon: We are happy for customers to upgrade their PCs; that’s what it’s all about really. We provide a warranty leaflet with all our PCs and it explains in there how to go about this without affecting your warranty. In short, send us a quick email confirming that your PC is currently in full working order and what you intend to upgrade. We will then check compatibility, advise accordingly, and give approval for the upgrade. Certain upgrades will need to be carried out by ourselves to ensure the warranty can be covered, for example replacing a power supply, as this affects a number of components and isn’t the easiest of jobs, but we are always happy to supply a quote, and we’re always competitively priced.

bit-tech: What is your current favourite system on offer and why?

Jon: My personal favourite is the ‘Dragon Slayer’ Extreme Gaming PC. It’s got everything you need to game on Max settings, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, multiple screens and of course, the flavour of the moment, VR – plus, it looks gorgeous. We’ve used the new Corsair 600C inverted case and water-cooled the processor and graphics card. Because it’s inverted it means you can see the liquid running through the chrome water block – it just looks awesome. And we’ve kept the price right down at just £2,699.95.

bit-tech: Thanks, Jon! We look forward to seeing one of your latest creations.
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