Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Mouse Review

Written by Andy Makin

September 17, 2021 | 10:20

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00:32 - Unboxing and Specs

05:23 - Software

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19:03 - Conclusion

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless is part of Corsair’s new ‘Champion Series’ of peripherals, designed for and tested by professional esports gamers, aiming to tempt those wanting to emulate their gaming heroes.

This particular mouse is intended for FPS and MOBA players and has its weight pared back to Porsche GT3 RS levels, tipping the scales a feathery 79g. It felt so incredibly light out of the box and with 100% PTFE pads underneath, glides effortlessly across the mousepad. It’s just over half the weight of my current mouse so took quite some getting used to, but some DPI tweaking - which can be done on the fly - and a little practice and I grew to like the lack of resistance.

The Corsair Marksman sensor - developed in conjunction with PixArt - ramps all the way up to 26,000DPI. Each of the five onboard profiles has five DPI levels, with a 6th saved for ‘Sniper mode’, where a button can be assigned to be held to reduce DPI for precision shots.

Those five profiles are controlled through iCUE and as well as profiles that can be accessed and enabled with iCUE present, you can save five profiles direct to the mouse. These hardware profiles have fewer options available to them, though. The RGB LEDs on the mouse are bright and bold and the white actually looks white!

The ‘Corsair Quickstrike’ buttons sit atop of Omron switches, with the buttons having pre-tensioners so there’s zero gap between the button and switch, ostensibly for super-fast response. They require little effort to actuate, but with sufficient bump to acknowledge a click and are pleasant to use and easy to fire off quickly. The mouse wheel is a little rough to scroll, mostly on the ear, but likely due to the all-plastic construction used to keep weight down.

I really appreciated that it is wireless. There’s nothing more annoying than a mouse cable dragging up the edge of the desk restricting movement. Corsair’s Slipstream technology works well and the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless is another solid addition to the burgeoning peripheral line-up.


- No noticeable input lag

- Crisp, responsive buttons

- On-board profiles to take anywhere

- Very smooth movement across the matt

- On-the-fly DPI control


- Lightness takes a lot of getting used to and won’t be suited to all

- Mouse wheel scroll harsh and gravelly

- Surface of mouse offers little grip if your hands are dry

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