On Our Desk - 11

Written by Joe Martin

July 20, 2008 | 00:16

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On Our Desk – 11

A true geek is a person of many, many interests and with very sticky fingers. At bit-tech.net, we know that to be true. We’re true, hardcore geeks ourselves in fact – and that has certain consequences in that we end up slowly accumulating all sorts of junk priceless artefacts.

So, every now and then we have to have a little purging of our desktops – sweeping all those little bits and bobs up into a bag and dumping them down in one place for one big round-up.

Today is purge day. What’s in the bag?

Well, first up we’ve got hold of a copy of Zombie Fluxx – a lovely post-apocalyptic card game that we’ve taken to playing at lunch time in the bit-tech offices. Not the type of thing we’d usually cover perhaps, but then that’s what this round-up is for.

After that we’ve got a fistful of Corsair USB drives. The Voyager and Voyager GT we have featured before, true, but these new models have an even larger capacity for you to store all your muffin pictures on. There’s also a Voyager Flash Mini which is more suited to storing pictures of mini-muffins.

On Our Desk - 11
On Our Desk - 11

After that we’ve got two Icy Box 2.5” external HDD SATA drive enclosures which look rather swanky and should offer some extra options for those looking for some stylish and portable storage solutions. Both of them are plush with the leather and chrome effect too, so they should be ideal for all you professional business types.

There’s also a 16GB USB drive from Patriot and a generic VIA-branded USB drive which somehow got bundled in with the others and accidentally photographed with the rest of them. Really. We decided to just go the whole hog and review it anyway, once we’d wiped the press kit off, of course. In an on our desk like this, anything can go.

Last up is a desktop game of Whac-a-mole which Joe got given for a (late) birthday present and which has been thrown in to prove that not everything in this feature has to be USB powered and keyring sized.

So, it’s an odd assortment of bits and pieces – we’d better get on with it. Remember that if there’s something you’d like to see featured in future instalments of this round-up then you can pass on your requests via the forums. We can talk about any old junk, really.
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