On Our Desk - 13

Written by Joe Martin

September 18, 2008 | 08:23

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On Our Desk – 13

It’s that time again – when we gather up all the assorted gadgets and gizmos, sort the odds from the bits, put the ends with the bobs, search all the nooks for the dribs and the crannies for the drabs. The result is this review and an office that’s left looking spic.

Yes, that’s pretty much a direct rip-off of a Michael MacIntyre joke, but ho-hum. Here’s another one to balance it out.

So, what have we got in to look at this time? What miscellaneous packages have turned up unannounced on our doorsteps, been left behind by PR spokespeople or been stolen from the small ginger orphans who run around the bit-tech.net car park? (You think I'm joking?)

Well, we’ve got an unusual selection this time actually, with nary a USB memory stick in sight for once.

Instead, we’ve grabbed ourselves a new Killer 2 pro-gaming mousemat and Pro-Gamer B4L rucksack from Nova Gaming, the latter of which should be handy for those who like to LAN regularly and need a bag specially designed to carry their keyboards and cables.

On Our Desk - 13 On Our Desk 13

After that we’ve got a new 2GB MicroSD card from PNY, which comes with the nice little added bonus of a free mobile phone game to download – so we also end up looking at Orcs and Elves as a result of that. We’ve got a cool new gaming mouse from NZXT too, the seven-button Avatar which boast perfect symmetry so that it can be used in either hand.

Then, because this is a bumper issue, we’ve got a handy little Intelliplug power-saver that’s designed to help reduce your energy costs and stop your system needlessly sitting in standby. As if that weren’t enough, we’ve also got the Thermaltake BlacX; a hard drive docking station which should offer some decent plug-n-play compatibility for any SATA hard drives you have lying around.

Then, lastly and certainly leastly, we’ve also got a SATA II cable from Akasa. It’s UV reactive, so…um…look forward to the entire page we’ve written about that

As always though, the On Our Desk feature is always open to more requests and samples and it’s fair to say that we’ll look at anything that’s sent to us. If there’s something particular you want us to chase up for the next instalment, or if you want a chance to pimp out your own company or product then just let us know in the forums and we’ll do our best.

Until then though, we’d best get on with the first review...
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