What is the Best Gaming Mouse?

Written by Antony Leather

December 22, 2009 | 08:51

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What is the Best Gaming Mouse?

What is the Best Gaming Mouse?Long gone are the days of the Microsoft Intellimouse being the staple diet of hardcore gamers. We've seen some great products over the last few years which have genuinely advanced the design of mice and improved on the generic mice of yester-year.

Mice such as the Logitech MX 518 and G3 can improve your gaming prowess with features such as on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment making switching between blazing away with an assault rifle and picking people off with a sniper rifle a much easier transition.

Thumb buttons make for much faster control for attacks such as melee, switching between semi and fully automatic fire and other weapon modes or crouching and the like. We've also seen mice with adjustable weights, ever more refined shapes and of course, the debate over wired versus wireless still goes on.

Despite manufacturers having at least 10 years under their belts with this gaming peripheral malarkey, though, plenty of poor products still slip through the net and unfortunately land on people's desks. In this article, we'll be adding all the best mice we review so you have a one-stop-shop to a round up of our favourites.

The Best Gaming Mouse: CM Storm Inferno

What is the Best Gaming Mouse?
Click the image above to go to the CM Storm Inferno review.

Other Recommended Gaming Mice:

How we test

Most modern gaming mice come with a plethora of features, from on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, 1,000Hz USB polling rates and even adjustable buttons and surfaces. We test each of these both in general use and of course in games, which is what they have been designed for. Customisation might sound like overkill for a mouse, but a few tweaks here and there can make you much more potent in your favourite games.

It's important not to lose sight of of the fact that mice should be easy and pleasant to use, though. If features are included that do little more than increase the price tag, then this will have an impact on the score. More importantly, if a mouse is uncomfortable to use, it's never going to score highly. A mix of useful features, well though-through ergonomics and a sensible price tag are what every mouse should have, and only the best will find their way into this article.
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