Akasa PowerMax 1000W Gaming PSU

September 8, 2008 | 11:11

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Akasa PowerMax 1000W Gaming PSU

Manufacturer: Akasa
UK Price (as reviewed): £114.95 (inc. VAT)

Another day, another 1,000W power supply. Everyone seems to have one these days and Akasa is a relatively little considered brand and if we'll be brutal here, is this only because of the extensive marketing coverage other brands get or because Akasa is a considered better at making low cost heatsinks and nic-naks like SATA cables?

For £115 the PowerMax is £25 less than even the Corsair HX1000W we already gave a value award to. But is it too cheap though - we need to ask why is it so inexpensive.

Is it simply playing a numbers game to the uneducated masses - 1,000W is better than lower numbers, etc? Or has Akasa just simply found a way to make a high quality, "gaming" kilowatt PSU without the mark up others seem to add on?

Akasa PowerMax 1000W Gaming PSU Akasa PowerMax 1000W Gaming PSU
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The Akasa box is a decent size and follows a generally pretty simple in design, but I suppose this also means it's easy to understand, not that our readers care about box art at all it seems. The "gaming" angle isn't really evident either, other than the name and SLI stamp on the front and before we've even opened the box we're suspecting a bandwagon jumper.

Akasa PowerMax 1000W Gaming PSU Akasa PowerMax 1000W Gaming PSU
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On the plus side, the PSU is packed extremely well, with thick foam packing around the entire PSU, cables and extra bits. The extra bits are again, nothing too special although the manual is quite informative and clear in what is describes. Also, the additional Velcro ties are a bonus considering this is a non-modular unit and for the price we didn't expect that much anyway.
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