Manufacturer: Corsair
UK Price as Reviewed: £137.98 (inc VAT)
UK Price as Reviewed: $240 (ex Tax)


We like Corsair PSUs - the HX620W is a very popular choice in our community, the TX750W is an excellent product and the VX550W has tremendous value.

I've personally borrowed a VX550W to go in my home theatre machine, simply because it keeps the whole thing extremely quiet and gives me a very reliable PSU. At the other end of things though, where people use multiple graphics cards, multiple RAID arrays, multiple CPUs and a million USB dongles that do things like simulate a fish tank or warm your arse (yea I literally just Googled "USB butt warmer"), you find power supplies that give a lot of grunt.

And at 1,000W, the Corsair HX1000W could warm a LAN parties worth of gamer behinds.

Previously the HX series has been limited to a pair of mid-range 500-600W products, so the leap to 1,000W seems somewhat epic. However the HX is all about being modular - something we're quite pleased to have with a 1,000W PSU - even though we expect to need lots of cables, why have more than you need to, in order to keep the mess to a minimum?

The manufacturer has also changed in the HX stakes - no longer is Seasonic building the HX-series alone, the HX1000W is made by CWT and features DC-DC conversion from a single 12V source to 3.3V and 5V, increasing the efficiency.

So on paper this looks like it can be a meaty little number, and with Corsair overseeing things at an enviable price, could it be the next de-facto high power purchase?

Corsair HX1000W PSU Corsair HX1000W PSU
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Corsair HX1000W

The box is substantial in its length, but with good reason. Inside your beloved new power supply is encased in thick foam padding to keep it away from the horrors of postal services globally. It does actually come in a polythene bag too to keep it clean, but we took it out for a better photograph.

Corsair HX1000W PSU Corsair HX1000W PSU
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Inside you get a bag full of cable goodies, a manual, power cable, zip ties, a metal Corsair case badge and even some cool case thumb screws to install the PSU with. The thumb-screws are certainly welcome but we'd also like some Velcro cables too, perhaps, if it's not too much to ask? Well, I suppose for the price and since it's modular, it's not exactly a big deal.
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