Enermax Liberty Eco 620W PSU Review

June 25, 2009 | 11:24

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Enermax Liberty Eco 620W PSU

Manufacturer: Enermax
UK Price (as Reviewed): £96.42 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as Reviewed): $109.99 (ex Tax)

Enemax's Liberty Eco is the younger brother of the Modu 82+. Despite the fact that from afar they look very similar, there are some important differences. The Modu 82+ not only has three 12V rails compared to the Liberty Eco's two, and the Modu also assigns more total power percentage to these rails as well: 96 versus 93 percent.

Still, 93 percent is a big improvement over the old Liberty which only assigned 70 percent to the 12V (just 432W), so while the Liberty Eco might have the same name as its predecessor, it's definitely a new breed. We've got the 620W model here - a very popular wattage - so do the new power design and modular cables mean it's set to win a place in many enthusiasts PCs?

Enermax Liberty Eco 620W PSU Review Enermax Liberty Eco 620W PSU Review
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In the box there's a power cable (ours came straight from Germany, hence the EU plug, but UK models will get UK plugs), a pack of modular cables and a wallet to keep them in, and finally a basic multi-language manual and some case screws. For a PSU, the package is great, and we always like a place to keep spare cables so they don't get lost.

Enermax Liberty Eco 620W PSU Review Enermax Liberty Eco 620W PSU Review
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The PSU itself is of typical size, measuring 140mm x 150mm x 86mm (W x D x H), with a matt dark blue finish and stamped Enermax logo along the bottom edge. It's certainly very smart, although the bling gold grill makes it stand out from the crowd. A 120mm clear bladed fan dominates the top, and Enermax claims the bevelled in edges around the fan intake hole help keep the noise down. The attention to detail and workmanship of the casing is certainly noteworthy. The Liberty Eco feels very solid, and the fit around the tethered cables and modular connectors is excellent.
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