In-Win Commander 750W PSU

January 14, 2009 | 09:23

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In-Win Commander 750W PSU

Manufacturer: In-Win
UK Price (as reviewed): £102 (inc. VAT) MSRP
US Price (as reviewed): $169.99 (ex. Tax)

In-Win is a Taiwanese company with offices in Los Angeles stateside, The Netherlands and even the UK. In-Win Style is the retail division which has been running since 2005 although the company has barely marketed these products in the past and the company is still predominantly driven by its OEM/ODM business.

In-Win Style's motto of "Contemporary and Innovative" might need a re-think with the Commander to be honest, because it's anything but classic in its design. As far as we know, the army-camo look is unique to In-Win, although there are some parts of innovation across the build.

The Commander PSU is a unique design that should give In-Win a little edge in a very packed PSU market. The 750W model we have here is one of three of the same size - 650-850W, in addition to 1kW and 1.2kW that are larger in size. Internally there's a bit of customisation too but it's predominantly designed and built by CWT, a quality PSU manufacturer that also builds models for Corsair, Thermaltake, and Lian Li amongst others. The question now, of course is: does In-Win make good use of it?

In-Win Commander 750W PSU In-Win Commander 750W PSU
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Box Contents

The Commander box without a doubt gives off a clear army feel in its camo attire, with the PSU inside only getting a thin layer of bubble wrapping for protection. We've seen better elsewhere from other companies that encase their products in thick foam.

In addition to this there are three (exactly) white zip ties, a power cable and a multi-language manual that explains the basic details pretty well once you've found a language you can read. The white zip ties don't really fit with the black cables, and we'd have liked some Velcro ones as well. It's missing a pouch or bag to put the loose cables in too - something plenty of other companies now provide. All in all then, it's a pretty basic package.

In-Win Commander 750W PSU In-Win Commander 750W PSU
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