Shuttle SS21T

May 17, 2007 | 15:02

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Rear I/O

Shuttle SS21T Rear I/O & BIOS
The rear I/O is pretty basic with plenty of space left unused, but it still provides a sufficient range of connectivity from PS2 ports, RS232 serial, four USB 2.0 ports and RJ45 Ethernet. Video out is only supplied through a VGA port; there is no DVI or TV out. 5.1 channel sound is provided through just three 3.5mm audio jacks, so using a full 5.1 channel means you can’t use a microphone or line-in as well.


Shuttle SS21T Rear I/O & BIOS Shuttle SS21T Rear I/O & BIOS
Shuttle SS21T Rear I/O & BIOS Shuttle SS21T Rear I/O & BIOS

Shuttle SS21T Rear I/O & BIOS

The BIOS may appear basic but the common factors of standby states, wake-up states and low power mode settings are available, as well as integrated peripheral adjustments. However, the performance adjustments are far more limited and in that respect you get a limited front side bus clock, some Hyper Transport changes and a couple of PCI (over)clocks.

Memory timing adjustments are present in the most basic variety, but at least you do get four to play with. However, voltage adjustments are completely non-existent, limiting the frequency and timing adjustments you can make elsewhere. While the lack of voltage for CPU adjustment can be forgiven, memory isn't quite as clear cut.

JEDEC does provide specifications for DDR2 stipulating it should be run at 1.8V, but memory may require a little extra voltage to either cement stability or drop the timings slightly. We were able to run some super fast Kingston HyperX PC9600 and OCZ PC8500C5 at 4-4-4-12 stable, but most people will be investing in cheaper DDR2-667/800MHz value memory which would require plenty of volts for the same oompf.

Regardless of our wishes as enthusiasts, the system isn't tailored for the performance market, so perhaps Shuttle can be forgiven. During testing, despite the lack of extra voltage and closed quarters the memory has to sit in it was fully stable for us.
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