Ultra 8-in-1 MP3 Player

Written by Chris Newman

February 16, 2005 | 00:00

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Ultra 8-in-1 MP3 Player Introduction

What is it?: MP3 player and more

Product Name: 8-in-1 MP3 Player

Manufacturer: Ultra Products

Price: $129.99 (can be found online for $89.99)

Availability: Now

Verdict: Swiss Army version of the common MP3 player that does most things well.

Did you get the iPod or Zen you hinted to everyone you knew for Christmas? Neither did I. Now Apple has the Shuffle, a flash memory-based model with random play capabilities. I think we can do better based on what I have seen so far (or perhaps heard maybe more applicable).

Looking at what is considered the best in personal entertainment devices these days can make your wallet scream in agony. There has to be an alternative to the high-end gear, and there is. Over the years, USB thumb drives (or pen drives) have become so common that a lot of manufacturers have started dressing them up and adding more features to make them more appealing and stand out in a crowd. Some have verged on almost the absurd (I\'m thinking of swiss army configurations and Pokemon characters). Then we have others that offer more practical new features, which brings us to today\'s product. Many of us just need a nice, little, affordable MP3 player that is easy to use and carry on our person without making us take on a second job. Priced a little more than the iPod Shuffle, but promising a lot more flexibility and functionality, we take a look a new gizmo from Ultra Products, their 8-in-1 MP3 player. Why is it dubbed the 8-in-1 ? Let\'s find out.

First inspection of the 8-in-1 shows a nice, clean, and simple design. It is very compact, about the width of your hand (4.25L x 0.75 xW 1.5H to be exact), like a beefy version of the standard pen drive. It seems to be well constructed, the back side of the unit has a rubberized coating. I have used it for several weeks and it has really stood up to daily use.

Ultra 8-in-1 MP3 Player Introduction

Let\'s see what Ultra officially has listed as the features for this bad boy:

USB Flash Drive
This phenomenal Ultra MP3 player also serves the function of a power-packed You will be able to store more files on your Ultra MP3 player as well as create new files. An amazingly portable solution!

MP3 Player
This superb Ultra device can capture hours upon hours of your favorite music. Everywhere you go, you\'ll have your customized music collection at your fingertips, right in the palm of your hand!

Voice Recording
This wonderful player doubles as an incredibly compact memo recorder. Record your important meetings. Create a voice recorded to-do list. Record your important thoughts as they come to you. Memorialize reminders for future use. A great on-the-go tool!

SD/MMC Card Reader
Expand the horizons of your Ultra MP3 player to include an amazingly versatile data storage application. Whether you want to access, store or simply to transfer files to and from your Ultra, the SD/MMC Card Reader is ready for your convenient use wherever you go.

Email Communication from Anywhere!
The Ultra MP3 Player gives you the capability to check your email as well as write and send to anyone with a valid email address. The Ultra MP3 Player boasts built in POP and SMTP client to equip you for global communication anywhere at any time. As long as you have an internet connection.
Note: This device is not wireless.

Another feature is that it has an FM tuner giving you the ability to listen to your favorite radio stations as well.

The USB interface is protected by a removable cap on the end which is pretty wise as if this were to become damaged while you were jamming at the bus stop, you d be stuffed.

Ultra 8-in-1 MP3 Player Introduction

Flipping the 8-in-1 over you see the SD/MMC slot and also gives you a better idea of the size...
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