Dell gets a lesson in blogging

Written by Brett Thomas

July 12, 2006 | 15:37

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Many of you have read the MSDN Blogs that Microsoft encourages its developers to keep, whether by our links or through your own reading. Well, there is proof now that not every company can be accepted as having a blog... and Dell is finding that out right now.

The differences were kindly pointed out by bigger bloggers like Jeff Jarvis (BuzzMachine) and Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion). Well, it's not like Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Rubel are quite household names, so why should they throw stones at Dell? That's easy: they are both very high up marketing execs working for very prestigious firms, and they know their stuff.

If you take a trip over to Dell's blog, you'll see how accurate Jeff Jarvis is in describing it:

"The subtitle is “direct conversations with Dell” but this is as much a conversation as yelling at a brick wall. There is not one link there. It’s filled with promotions for Dell’s wonderfulness."


Dell has surprisingly taken this critique well enough in stride, even going so far as to link the blogs to illustrate that they are indeed listening. To give credit where due, it seems almost as if Dell is not intending this solely as a marketing gimmick.

What do you think of the move, and of the critical responses that followed? What should blogging be about? Leave us your thoughts in our forums.
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