Apple slips out iTunes update

Written by Wil Harris

March 6, 2007 | 17:16

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Apple has today released the latest update to iTunes, which takes version 7 to a stunning 7.1.

The 'big news', if that can really be appropriately named, is that there is support for Apple TV, the media extender product that Apple hasn't actually shipped yet. But rest assured, when Apple decides you can purchase one of those things, it will actually work. Which we suppose is good.

There's also some extra functionality for the much-admired 'Cover Flow' music browsing. You can now browse cover flow in full screen mode, making for an attractive display of your music, assuming you've bothered to download the album covers for all those CDs you nicked from BitTorrent. You scoundrel.

But perhaps the real big news is the lack of fixes for Vista support. Last month, Apple advised iTunes and iPod users not to upgrade to Vista due to incompatibility issues. Those have mostly been fixed - although there are still some text and graphics formatting issues. But here's the biggie - the bug that caused iPods to be trashed hasn't been sorted out yet, so updating your iPod using iTunes on a Vista system is really not a good idea, unless you like listening to bricks. To be honest, they're not that interesting, take it from us.

Apple says its working with Microsoft to fix the problem. I suspect they'll work a bit harder when they've messed with Microsoft's Vista uptake market share just a little while longer.

Liking the new Cover Flow? Narced at the lack of iPods on your spanking new Vista install? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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