Asus responds to Gigabyte 'disinformation'

May 21, 2008 | 08:08

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Motherboard manufacturer Asus is looking to fight back at rival Gigabyte over what appears to be a schoolyard squabble the two have been playing out via the media.

According to an article over at ExtremeTech, Asus's motherboard division is seething over comments made by rival Gigabyte regarding the company's Energy Processing Unit, a power management chip that the company claims can cut the power usage of an idle CPU by up to eighty percent – an innovation the company is keen to trumpet as “an ASUS exclusive hardware implementation.

Gigabyte isn't buying in to the hype, however. The main salvo in the battle between the two has been fought in a slide show marked “Confidential Documents: Not for Distribution” that somehow found its way on to tech sites including Tom's Hardware, in which a Gigabyte technical team branded the EPU a “fake,” claimed all the energy savings are “pure software based, not hardware,” and accused the company of “cheating end users!

Gigabyte's presentation goes on to ask “how can you believe it? Everything [Asus] say are lies.

Clearly, Asus isn't going to take such accusations lying down. The company has announced that the claims of its rival, referred to as “a certain Taiwanese Motherboard Manufacturer” are “false” and have “given rise to false information being communicated in both the mainstream media and technology channels.” The company goes on to say that their investigation has revealed that “this company in question made use of a sponsored gathering of local and international media to deliberately spread information that we consider both untrue and without credible verification.

Although no such moves have yet been made, the company is “[reserving] the right to take legal action against any individual, organization or corporation which creates or spreads such rumours.” To be fair to Asus, Gigabyte could perhaps have been a little more circumspect and cut the presentation short of outright accusations of impropriety, no matter how much the company may believe them to be true.

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