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Written by bit-tech Staff

August 17, 2009 | 09:43

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We're now updating the blog daily during the week with a selection of posts covering the usual rich mix of hardware and games that invokes our ire or has us babbling uncontrollably about its brilliance. Here's what's got us going this week:

Alex wonders whether a fast improving piece of software like, Boxee, will help improve media centres, especially now it's just received an extra $6M worth of investment.

Discover Antonys epic gaming moments and how him and two others fought off an APC with just sniper rifles...

With a bit more information, Clive fills you in on the upcoming Asus RoG board: the Maximum III Formula.


Week 3 of Asus' Xtreme Global Summit Competition is underway. Click the link to find out more, and of course, there are always last weeks winners we should congratulate.
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