Dualshock 3 confirmed, PS Home delayed

Written by Phil Cogar

September 20, 2007 | 16:47

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Rumble is coming to the PS3. Finally. After nearly a year of complaints from the masses, Sony has resolved its dispute with patent-holder Immersion and is releasing the Dual Shock 3 into the wild. That's despite Sony originally claiming it was a non-feature of this console generation, remember. All this spin is enough to make you dizzy.

Those who love the classic Dual Shock design will be pleased it's fundamentally the same shape and size - it's only the insides that have changed. Games that will support it are Echochrome, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, Devil May Cry 4, Toy Home, Metal Gear Online to name just a few. Older games may get a touch up for support as well.

Strangely this announcement precedes the availability by some six months because the expected arrival is in Spring 08 at your local game retailer.

In other TGS07 news, PlayStation Home is being delayed until Spring 08 as well. The Second Life-meets-Xbox Live central plaza for the PS3 still needs some user interface tweaks according to Kaz Hirai, Chairman and Group CEO of SCEI. No details about these tweaks have been announced though.

For those of you that own a PS3 and a PSP, expect more connectivity between the devices. With the new Remote Play platform, you'll be able to turn your PS3 on/off over the internet, connect up to three PSPs to a PS3, use multiple PSPs as PS3 controllers, and most ingeniously, be able to use the PSP as a rear view mirror in driving games. Sony intends to apply more focus for PS3 / PSP connectivity so more applications that make use of it could be likely down the road.

Thinking about a PS3 and have you still got your PSP in a draw somewhere? - Could this finally swing the purchase for you? Or is it all moot because the Wii/360-owns-all? Fight to the death with love and flames in the forums!
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