3D Realms change mind about Max Payne movie

Written by Joe Martin

October 23, 2008 | 12:04

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Just a few days ago Scott Miller of 3D Realms was slating the Max Payne movie, but it appears he has now changed his tune after the game managed to top the box office over the weekend and bring in more than $18 million USD.

Miller, who was producer of both Max Payne games, was quoted as saying that the film left him bewildered and confused, thanks to "several fundamental story flaws". Miller was especially critical of the way that the film presented the death of Max's family, something which motivates him throughout the entire game but which is only shown at the half-way point of the movie.

Now though, Miller has changed his mind about the game and rather than complaining about the characters and how some have been marginalised, he claims the film is very impressive and deserving of a sequel.

"It's ... really impressive to me that Max Payne came in number one this weekend...What I'm hearing is that the film is doing very well in many other European countries and Australia," Miller told Edge.

"This kind of opening brings us a lot closer to the reality of a sequel," he hinted.

Have you seen the film? Would you like to see it get a follow-up adaptation, or are you more eagerly waiting for Miller to start on the Duke Nukem film? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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