40GB PS3 could do backwards compatibility?

Written by Joe Martin

October 9, 2007 | 09:35

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The new 40GB version of the PlayStation 3 is definitely making waves in the gamer community - bringing the console down to a more affordable price point whilst still keeping all the fancy functionality of the other PlayStation 3 models. Well, almost all of it.

Gone is the backwards compatibility of the more expensive versions, so 40GB owners will not be able to play any of their PS2 games on the PS3. That fact has divided gamers into two distinct factions - those who, like Tim, only want to play the newest games and enjoy them in all their glory. Or those who, like me, would prefer to be able to play their old games once their old consoles inevitably break down (but who can't afford to break the bank on a more expensive PS3).

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku falls into the latter camp and has been spending a fair few hours lately worrying about his old library of games. He's taken it upon himself to contact Sony and find out just why the new version of the PS3 can't do backwards compatibility. Here's what he got told:

"The 40GB model, to be launched in Europe on 10th October, is a new model and is not equipped with any of the semi conductors from the PS2, and backwards compatibility would therefore have to be achieved by software emulation alone.

"The sheer numbers of PS2 titles available, together with the increased complexity of using a software only solution for each and every title means that to ensure accurate software emulation for the majority would be technically challenging, time consuming and costly. As we have mentioned on several occasions, our engineering resources are now focused on developing new and innovative features and services for the PS3 and, as a result the 40GB model does not have backwards compatibility with PS2 titles.

So, there you go. Sony could give the new model backwards compatibility, it just doesn't want to.

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