Sony begging PlayStation 3 developers to stay?

Written by Joe Martin

October 22, 2007 | 09:49

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Sony has been having a tough time as of late and it's come as a bit of a shock to some that the company, once hailed as king of the consoles after the awesomely successful PlayStation 1 and 2, has appeared to be fighting an uphill battle with the PlayStation 3.

Released twelve weeks after the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 hasn't sold as well as might have been expected and the console has suffered from a lack of games when compared to the Xbox 360.

Now, it looks like Sony may have finally cottoned on to how precarious a position they appear to be in. In a report on the NPD breakdown of sales figures Dean Takahashi of the Mercury News alleges that Sony has been begging third-party developers not to abandon the PlayStation 3 as a platform.

"One piece of news that came out this week was that Sony pleaded with third-party developers not to abandon its struggling platform. That change in attitude is a marked difference compared to the arrogance of past years." Said Dean on his blog.

"The argument is that the PS3 will show its strength as developers learn how to make games for it. But developers know they can staff four or five Wii teams with the same number of people it takes to make one PS3 game."

The NPD gave a breakdown of game sales last month and only one PlayStation 3 game made the top ten list - and only just even then. Even the PlayStation 3 version of The Orange Box has been delayed by a few weeks, putting it behind both the PC and Xbox 360 versions, strengthening the idea that the PlayStation 3 is a system which developers find hard to work with.

Is Dean just a Sony-basher, or is there truth in his words? Tell us what you think in the forums.
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