Another PS3 SKU in the works?

Written by Joe Martin

October 17, 2007 | 13:22

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The 40GB PlayStation 3 is confusing a lot of people over the world right now and is still unconfirmed for the US markets by Sony. The general consensus from analysts is that Sony wants to clear the US market of 60GB PlayStation 3s before they confirm the release of the cheaper, 40GB model.

However, further complicating the matter is a new FCC filing which looks like it may be yet another version of the PlayStation 3.

The new filing, under the model number CECHH01 (FCC ID AK8CBEH1300, if you're interested), is a new application from Sony and shows that a new model has undergone testing at the FCC, according to Kotaku, who were tipped off by a reader.

The exact hardware details are covered by a confidentiality agreement, so nobody has the actual inside scoop right now. The only thing we can confirm is that the new model will still have Bluetooth and wireless LAN.

The Kotaku tipster has put forward the logical theory that SCEA may be hoping to get two price reduced models out in the US by Christmas. The first would be the 40GB model, which is backwards incompatible and stripped down, while the second model would have a larger drive and more standard set of hardware, but would still be backwards incompatible.

For my part, I have to say I think Sony are suffering right now because their fans are watching them so closely. With multiple models available in multiple countries and a new SKU possibly on the way, customers may well hold off buying a PlayStation 3 altogether until they can assess the full line-up and choose the option that most suits them. That's doubly true if there are possible price cuts down the line.

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