80GB PS3 has 'limited backwards compatibility'

Written by Joe Martin

July 10, 2007 | 11:15

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Sony recently announced a new version of the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, as well as price cuts to the PS3 line. You may have heard about it.

What it hasn't been so quick to announce to PlayStation fanboys however is that the new 80GB version of the PlayStation 3 which was unveiled not long ago will have only "limited backward compatibility with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 format software." according to blurb on the box, copies of which can be found here.

The limited BC comes as a result of a move away from the BC chip originally used in US PlayStation 3s. Instead, Sony has opted to use the European software BC method in the 80GB PS3.

There is no news yet on whether the same move will be made in other versions of the PS3, but some of us are already anticipating it as an attempt to cut costs in the PS3 and thus justify the recent $100 price reduction in America.

With that said, European gamers won't notice a difference - we're used to limited BC, being ignored in price cuts and just generally being mistreated by Sony. On the plus side though, we...oh, no there isn't a plus side. Ah well.

Of course, backwards compatibility is really just an added extra on any console as the focus should always be on moving forwards with new games. Sony has been recently having trouble in this regard too, but things are finally starting to look up for PS3 gamers with games like PAIN set to arrive on the console in the future.

You like backwards compatibility, or is it all about the new releases? Hate Sony or love PS3? State your fanboy allegiances in the forums.
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