China to clampdown on online gaming

Written by Jason Cundall

August 25, 2005 | 12:39

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The Chinese authorities are getting worried about the large number of online gamers in the country who spend literally days immersed in a MMORPG. So worried that the big-hitters in Beijing are to introduce limits on the amount of time that players can spend in their virtual worlds:

Gamers in China are facing new limits on how much time they can spend playing their favourite online game.

The government in Beijing is reported to be introducing the controls to deter people from playing for longer than three consecutive hours.

The measures are designed to combat addiction to online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft and Lineage II.

More than 20 million Chinese play games regularly, mainly in net cafes.

More from the BBC here.

A wise move, given the recent deaths and murders surrounding the online gaming scene in Asia? Or another example of increasingly out of touch Communist regime who can't keep up with the runaway pace of technology and all that it brings? Let us know your thoughts in the news forum.
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