EA starts selling soundtracks

Written by Brett Thomas

March 3, 2007 | 11:05

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Being a game publishing company will make you wear many hats...but who'd have thought one of them would be music sales? Apparently, Electronic Arts realised just that. Yep, one of the world's biggest game makers has now let loose its latest release - EA Trax.

The service sells only songs found on the (rather vast) catalog of video game music featured in EA games. The system features two tiers - a partnership with Apple's iTunes for previously released songs, and its own online store for songs previously unreleased outside of the video games. These songs are all owned by EA Recordings, a daughter company of Electronic Arts.

In the earlier years, it was very popular to license an already released song from a band in order to fit the game. One of my personal favourites was Soul Coughing's "Super bon bon" which I found on the original Gran Turismo, but everyone has his or her individual favourite. But lately, that game has changed to a lot of songs that can't be found elsewhere, like Snoop Dogg's cover of "Riders on the Storm" (originally by The Doors) featured in NFS:U.

No matter which store you buy from, DRM is included on the tracks. However, at this time I don't believe the same Apple FairPlay DRM is included on the original tracks, which are managed by a system from Nettwerk. For everyone who loves to annoy his friends in the pub or the car, EA has said that it will also offer many of them as ringtones.

So there you have it - from game maker to audio mogul. Do you have a thought on EA's newest face? Let's hear it in our forums.
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