Game refuses to stock Oblivion for PS3

Written by Joe Martin

April 30, 2007 | 11:27

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The UK's largest chain of video game stores, Game, has apparently decided it will not be stocking the PlayStation 3 version of Bethesda's fantastic RPG, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in its stores, according to

Oblivion, which has sold over three million units and was nominated for several categories in the UK BAFTAs, will be published on the PS3 by Ubisoft and goes on sale across Europe today.

Neither Game nor Ubisoft have yet commented on the decision, which has so far been greeted with bafflement by the gaming press.

The PlayStation 3 has been having a rough time of it lately, with Sony getting bad press for its latest stunts and the stepping down of the PlayStation's inventor. Game's decision not to sell what could be a pivotal title for the PlayStation 3 is surely not going to help Sony's already shaky position.

Game meanwhile has gone from strength to strength, opening 80 new stores across the country this year.

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