PS3 supports PS1 games

Written by Brett Thomas

April 20, 2007 | 14:20

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Since the PS3 was released (both in the US and finally the EU), it's been panned right and left. One of the biggest issues has been its backwards compatibility, especially in the EU. Since it's been released, it has been promised that the PS3 would be able to play PS2 and PSone games. And with the newly released v1.70 firmware, more of that is finally coming true.

The newest update finally allows support for PSone games on the PS3, a feature that has been lacking since the console's initial US/Japanese release in November. That doesn't mean it will play discs directly - the games need to be purchased from the Playstation Store, and can be downloaded to the hard drive or transferred to memory stick.

Speaking of memory sticks, there's one surprise out of this update - the games are actually able to be played on the PSP as well. This sinks the hopes of Sony-hating rumours everywhere that expected the PS3 to use a completely different system (which, to be fair, wouldn't have been much of a shock). Instead, games purchased on the service can be transfered from your PS3 to your PSP and played on the go, even sharing save-game files.

There is just one catch - not all games will work on both devices. New games that are released will be compatible with the PS3, but several games already released for the PSP are formatted specifically for that device, and so won't run on the PS3. So, it is unfortunately not a perfect union, but one has to admit it's a lot better than most expected.

Do you have a thought on the new update? Looking forward to playing some of the great oldies on your PS3 and still being able to take them on the go? Tell us whether you'll be using the service in our forums.
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