PS3 will require adapter for memory cards

Written by Brett Thomas

August 8, 2006 | 14:14

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Perhaps Sony should pay royalties to itself, because the track record of the PS3 is coming dangerously close to the Sony/BMG...err, Britney Spears hit, "Oops, I did it again..." In this case, though, that's not a good thing.

In yet another faux pas during PS3 development, Sony has omitted memory card slots for the upcoming game system. Big deal, right? After all, it has a hard drive with much more space. And then you think of how many times you have to listen to Snake prattle on in MGS3...and imagine starting all the way from the beginning again. Or, more importantly, the loss of your favorite star in Katamari Damacy!

Sony has announced that there will be an adapter available that will work with old Playstation memory cards and SD cards, so at least it won't be a one-trick-pony. However, they're not really sure whether they'll actually bundle it with the already expensive device; it may be an entirely seperate purchase. The adapter will be used to copy the old memory cards down to a particular spot on the hard drive, where the emulated PS2 will see the contents.

Though a lack of a card reader for a system made ten years ago is hardly a make-or-break item, it is yet one more slip-up that shows how rushed the PS3 is becoming. One of Sony's biggest cares in the PS line has been full backwards compatibility, and the lack of data retrieval on the newest model illustrates how the company's focus has shifted from "Make it perfect" to "Make it hit shelves before 2010."

Got a thought on the omission? Plug your thoughts into our forums, which we keep archived on these handy little PSone memory cards.
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