Xbox 360 Elite really exists

Written by Wil Harris

March 27, 2007 | 12:45

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Well it seems like all the rumours are true - Microsoft is lining up legions of black Xbox 360s to invade western shores.

The Xbox 360 'Elite', as it has been dubbed, features a 120GB hard drive, HDMI output and a funky matte black finish.

Shots, which appear to have been taken inside a Far Eastern 360 factory with a mobile phone camera, have turned up on the web which all but confirm the console's imminent introduction.

Rumoured specs suggest that almost nothing else about the console is different - there's no HD-DVD drive built-in, and wireless is still going to come from the add-on dongle. Microsoft is sticking to its policy of not bundling in everything to keep the price down and allow people to choose what specification of the console they buy.

It's likely that the 360 Elite will be introduced at a price point above the Premium pack, but at some point this year the non-HDD model will dropp off the price list, the Premium will get a price cut and the Elite will come in at a price similar to the Premium now. The non-HDD model will certainly still be on sale in smaller markets, where disposable income is lower.

Will you be kitting yourself out with an Elite Xbox 360, or have you already picked your next-gen machine? Let us know over in the forums.
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