Xbox 360 Elite European release date revealed

Written by Joe Martin

July 11, 2007 | 12:54

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UPDATE: For those interested in picking one up, it now looks like various UK sites are now taking pre-orders for the Xbox 360 Elite with a price of £329. Still cheaper than the PlayStation 3 then.

That Xbox 360 Elite sure looks nice, don't it? It'll look even nicer if the damn thing doesn't keep breaking or scratching discs.

It'll look nicest of all though when we toddle on down to our local game store and pick up a copy of Bioshock on 360 at the same time as we grab a brand spanking new Xbox 360 Elite.

Yep, thats right, the European release date for the Xbox 360 Elite has finally been announced by Shane Kim as part of the Microsoft E3 2007 Keynote speech and it delightfully coincides with the release of Bioshock in Europe, which definitely won't hurt Microsoft's profit margins.

The 360 Elite is similar to the standard Xbox 360, but comes packed with a few nice little extras. Namely, a 120GB HDD and an HDMI support.

In an effort to rid the 360 of its image as a flawed product, Microsoft has also seen fit to give the PCB of the Elite a nice epoxy casing to help reduce warping caused by a hot system, which is thought to be one of the causes of the red ring of death problem which has plagued 360 owners ever since it was first released.

Of course, having a 360 Elite is nice, but to us (okay, to me) the real cause for celebration is the release of Bioshock - for which the hardware requirements for the PC version were revealed yesterday.

So, if you've not got a PC with enough graphical grunt then you can always pick up the Xbox 360 Elite to go with the game which we reckon will only be describable as pant-wettingly brilliant. That or you can pick up one of the dubious-looking HDMI converters which are doing the rounds.

You'll have to excuse me now, I've talked about Bioshock too long and I've had a little accident (yes, he did just run to the toilet - Ed.).

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