Age of Conan DX10 delayed

Written by Joe Martin

May 20, 2008 | 09:16

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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has been doing pretty well for itself lately. Not only did the standard pre-order completely sell out, but the Collectors Edition version sold out too. In fact, publisher Funcom even printed some extra pre-order discs to cover demand, but the game still sold out.

But it isn't all good news.

According to a press release from Funcom which boasts about how fast the pre-orders have sold, the DirectX 10 version of Hyborian Adventure has been delayed - and it's a significant delay at that.

"While Funcom is thrilled with the early success of Age of Conan, and proud of the game launching this week, the company regrets to inform gamers that the DirectX 10 version of the game will not ship with the initial launch. As Microsoft's DirectX 10 is undoubtedly the future of PC gaming, Funcom has decided to ship only the DirectX 9 version at launch," said the press release.

Apparently Funcom thinks that the DirectX 10 version of the game isn't quite ready yet and they'll need a little extra time to "focus on building a DirectX 10 version worthy of Microsoft's great vision for the future of PC gaming."

The DirectX 10 version of the Age of Conan MMO will now be unveiled at the Leipzig Games Convention this August, though on the plus side Funcom says the DirectX 10 version will include even more features than planned.

Have you pre-ordered the game? Gutted that it won't run with DX10 enhancements? Let us know in the forums.
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