Resident Evil 4 coming to iPhone

Written by Joe Martin

July 14, 2009 | 13:19

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Capcom is looking to bring more Resident Evil games to the iPhone it seems, following up the port of Resident Evil: Degeneration with an iPhone version of Resident Evil 4.

While not formally announced yet by Capcom, it seems that an iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 was accidentally released early to the Japanese App Store yesterday, remaining online for a few hours before Capcom pulled it down.

Moving the series out of Raccoon City, away from direct involvement with the Umbrella Corporation and into an over-the-shoulder perspective, Resident Evil 4 was a radical change for the series - but one which went down very well with fans. Following Leon Kennedy as he attempts to rescue the president's daughter, Resident Evil 4 is often cited as a high-point for the franchise.

The iPhone version of the game looks like it'll be downgraded a bit on the graphical side obviously, but should otherwise be pretty close to the original. The controls look to have been altered to match the same system used in Resident Evil: Degeneration on the iPhone though, which are a little stiff and awkward to use in our opinion. We doubt matters will improve when faced with Scary Chainsaw Guy in a very tight corridor.

Capcom has remained tight-lipped on the leak, even though we all know the game is obviously on the way, and hasn't yet offered any details of a release date or price.

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