Blizzard raises $1.9m to fight ebola

Written by David Hing

February 12, 2015 | 12:30

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Blizzard has raised $1.9m in ebola relief money through the sale of a digital pet in World of Warcraft.

The charity pet, blue goat Argi, went on sale in December 2014 with 100 percent of the cost going to the Red Cross to help its efforts in fighting Ebola in Africa. The pet was on sale for $10.

'The community embraced this cute little intergalactic nibbler, helping out a great cause in the process,' said a Blizzard spokesperson. 'Thanks again to everyone who helped make a difference.'

Argi is a simple vanity pet that players in World of Warcraft can see following them around the game world if they wish. Although it can be used in the pet-battles mini game, it provides no gameplay advantage and is one of many similar pets available through the game's store.

The charity promotion has now ended and although Argi is still up for sale on Blizzard's digital store, the proceeds are no longer being donated to the Red Cross. Anyone wanting to donate directly to the ebola relief fund can still do so on the Red Cross's website.

Argi is not the first charity pet that Blizzard has put on sale and the developer ran something similar in 2013 to support the Make-A-Wish foundation. Last year's pet raised $1m.

The Red Cross has partnered with video game companies before and is one of the regular benefactors of the Humble Bundle promotions.
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