Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain expansion unveiled

Written by David Hing

March 9, 2015 | 12:56

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The next expansion for free-to-play digital collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been revealed by Blizzard.

The Blackrock Mountain expansion will add a new adventure with bosses to test players' decks and 31 new cards to collect. Themed around a location that will be considered iconic to veteran World of Warcraft players, the expansion will feature the Dark Iron dwarves, fire elementals and dragons with the final boss being Firelord Ragnaros, an infamous raid boss from the MMO.

The expansion lands in April and will have various parts unlock each week over the month. This launch will follow the pattern set by Curse of Naxxramas, the first adventure-expansion released for the game. Players will be able to access each wing by paying either 700 in-game gold or $6.99 with the entire expansion available for $24.99.

Preorders for Blackrock Mountain will open on March 19 but an exact launch date in April has not yet been announced. The expansion is coming to both PC and tablet devices.

Blackrock Mountain will be the third significant content update to Hearthstone with Curse of Naxxramas launching in July last year with a new adventure and 30 new cards and Goblins vs. Gnomes simply adding 123 cards to the game in December.

Hearthstone itself officially launched in March 2014 for the PC with a iPad version released a month later. Prior to this, a beta phase ran from August 2013.
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