Braid PC coming early next year

Written by Joe Martin

December 23, 2008 | 11:02

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If you liked the look of Jonathan Blow's platform puzzler, Braid, but didn't get a chance to play the Xbox 360 version then you'll be pleased to know that the long-awaited PC version is finally nearing release.

The PC version of the indie time-bender was originally supposed to get released at the end of 2008, but with that time having pretty much slipped by already Blow has confirmed that the game will have a PC release in the first quarter of 2009.

"I had originally announced the release date for the end of 2008, but for various reasons, this hasn’t happened. Once we slipped into mid-October and all the big Christmas-season blockbusters started coming out, it just seemed like a bad idea to schedule Braid for that time period, as it seems likely it’d get released and then disappear."

Hmm, good thinking that man. Braid is an unconventional game, using a almost poetic narrative to tell the story of a young man as he looks for a Princess. What starts as a lampoon of the classic Super Mario Bros. games rapidly becomes something totally different though, with much more sinister connotations.

Blow also mentions on his blog that although there are no plans for releases on any other platforms he isn't yet ruling out a PlayStation 3 version. Blow implies that Sony has been uninterested in the project so far, but that that could change.

Regarding a Mac release, Blow says he can't confirm anything but is currently in talks with a developer that wants to port the game to native Mac code.

Braid went down very well with us at this year, getting high praise in the full review and being chosen as Joe's Best Gaming Moment of 2008. Tell us what you thought of the game in the forums.
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