Burnout Paradise Cagney update delayed

Written by Joe Martin

July 7, 2008 | 13:03

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Criterion Games, the developer behind the Burnout series, has been forced to delay the much anticipated 'Cagney' update for Burnout Paradise - but only on the Xbox 360.

The update is the third major update for the game and is set to add in more than 70 online events for players to try in FreeBurn mode. The update is now set for a release on July 14, though the PlayStation 3 version is not being delayed.

The main cause behind the delay seems to have been the Xbox certification process. All games released on the Xbox 360 have to be tried, tested and certified by Microsoft and the process seems to have taken much longer than Criterion was planning on.

Burnout Paradise has been continually supported by developer Critierion and this latest update was much anticipated. The update was supposed to be released on the 10th of July - which is still will be provided you play on a PlayStation 3.

It isn't all bad news though and Xbox 360 gamers will be glad to know that today is Bungie Day and Bungie is releasing a bunch of free goodies for Xbox gamers in order to celebrate themselves - you can pick up free themes, gamerpics and a new map for Halo 3.

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