Call of Duty series tops $10bn

Written by David Hing

November 21, 2014 | 12:19

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Activision’s Wildly popular first person shooter franchise Call of Duty has pulled in more than $10bn in sales worldwide since its first game was released in 2003.

‘Since Activision created the Call of Duty franchise in 2003, franchise revenues have exceeded $10 billion in sales worldwide, far exceeding box office receipts for such household movie franchises as Hunger Games, Transformers, Iron Man and Avengers, combined, said Activision Blizzard chief executive Bobby Kotick.

Specific details as to how well the latest entry in the series, Advanced Warfare, has performed were absent from Activision’s statement. Instead, Kotick said that it has been ‘the biggest entertainment launch of 2014 in terms of revenue, surpassing all movie, music and book launches this year.’

Activision also claims that the Kevin Spacey and jetpack-filled Advanced Warfare is the highest-selling digital launch in the history of consoles, according to data from Xbox Live, Playstation Network and the company’s own internal estimates, but the company did not back this up with any data either.

Although no sales stats have been released for Advanced Warfare, Activision did share some player behaviour stats. In the first week after launch, players logged more than 370 million online matches and in total leveled up more than 200 million times.

Ordinarily, Activision is keen to release early sales figures for its Call of Duty titles. Prior to Advanced Warfare’s launch, industry analysts had predicted that the game would not perform as well as last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, which in turn did not perform as well as Black Ops 2.

This week, Call of Duty also got a new mobile entry to the franchise in the form of Call of Duty: Heroes, a free-to-play base-building strategy title featuring micro-transactions. The mobile game can be picked up on iOS and Windows Phone.
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