Call of Duty glitch videos in Activision’s sights

Written by David Hing

November 24, 2014 | 11:55

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Activision is going after Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare glitch videos according to Youtube network Machinima.

In an attempt to minimise damage, the gaming-centric video network issued a warning to its various video producers that Activision is issuing copyright strikes to people uploading videos of Advanced Warfare’s glitches.

’Machinima was prompted to take this action in order to inform its network partners so that they would remain in good standing on YouTube,’ said a Machinima spokesperson. ’When a channel receives a certain number of strikes it is possible that they may be blocked as a Youtube partner. Machinima's actions are to protect not only its network partners, but its publisher partners as well.’

Activision claims that it is not doing anything that it hasn’t done before and the publisher argues that it is only going after glitch videos that would help people cheat or exploit parts of the game.

’We're excited that so many fans are having fun playing the game and posting videos of their gameplay. We love watching the videos ourselves. Occasionally, some folks post videos that promote cheating and unfair exploits,’ said Activision in a statement to Kotaku. ’As always, we keep an eye out for these videos - our level of video claims hasn't changed.’

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released earlier this month and according to a statement released by Activision last week is the biggest entertainment product release of 2014, although the publisher did not release any specific sales stats to back that up.
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