Corsair announces new gaming chair: T3 Rush

Written by Jennifer Allen

November 11, 2019 | 10:55

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Corsair has announced the launch of its latest gaming chair, the T3 Rush. 

The T3 Rush is the first gaming chair from Corsair to feature a breathable soft fabric exterior said to retain 'minimal heat for cool and comfortable gaming'.

In addition, it offers so-called 4D armrests with a multi-direction adjustment mechanism, as well as an adjustable seat back supported by a solid steel frame. There's also an adjustable, padded neck cushion and a memory-foam lumbar pillow to help support your back, and these pillows are wrapped in plush microfibre. 

That's a lot of the use of the word 'adjustable', right? Well, Corsair has a point. Its armrests can be adjusted in any direction to suit your arm positions, and the seat back is capable of going from fully upright to laying flat with 180 degrees of reclining range. Presumably in case you want to take a quick nap? There's also 10 degrees of lockable seat tilt, and a class 4 gas lift that provides 100mm of adjustable seat height. It's safe to say you should be able to get this seat exactly where you want it to be (the bin? - ed.). 

The T3 Rush's embedded solid steel frame is backed up by a set of five 65mm heavy-duty dual-wheel casters so you can spin around in the room to your heart's content, even if you're contending with carpets rather than wooden floors. 

Previously, Corsair has seen some success with its T1 Race and T2 Road Warrior gaming chairs. The former looks similar to the T3 Rush, but it's improved comfort that seems to be the key reason Corsair is pitching for this chair's existence.

The T3 Rush chair will be available in a choice of three colours - Charcoal, Grey/Charcoal, and Grey/White. 

If you're keen to purchase a T3 Rush, you may have to be briefly patient. While Corsair announced the chair is available immediately, we haven't been able to find it for sale anywhere just yet with HEXUS reporting it's available for pre-order in the Netherlands for €279. Keep an eye on Corsair's site for retailer details. 

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