Download full DS games on your Wii

January 4, 2008 | 10:43

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Are full DS games coming to a Wii near you? Downloading to your Wii and then sent to your DS, that is. The service is already available in Japan (albeit just demos for now), but the New York Times is reporting that this is likely to be rolled out across all regions and expanded to include full titles in the near future.

In addition, the NY Times cites that a new puzzle game called Professor Layton, which will be released this year for the DS, will feature the ability to download new puzzles to keep the game fresh (prices weren't discussed).

The problem is that Nintendo may have to offer something for the DS to save the games onto, because currently the demos downloaded in Japan are lost once the unit is turned off. Joystiq has suggested Nintendo might offer some sort of memory expansion module to save them on, or it may be possible to take advantage of existing, but legally-grey hardware.

No doubt Nintendo will find a way to resell old GameBoy titles for the DS through the Virtual Console as well, as the relaunching old games movement continues to become a money making subsidy to all current generation consoles.

The DS sold six million units globally last year alone, making a total of 15.2 Million sold since 2004. For a device going on four years old, it's continual appeal is somewhat surprising (or a commendation to Nintendo marketing) as it still continues to outsell every other console and handheld on the market - anyone buy Nintendo stock shares in 2004?

Looking forward to buying games for your DS directly through your Wii? Or do you still prefer to buy the whole cartridge with proper case, old school style? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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