Nintendo offers Wii Photo Channel downgrade

Written by Joe Martin

December 14, 2007 | 07:37

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A few days ago Nintendo turned some of its staunchest fanboys against the Wii by issuing an upgrade to the Nintendo Wii Photo Channel which subsequently removed support for MP3 files played from SD cards. It was the first upgrade the channel had received, taking it to v1.1.

The response was so universally negative in fact, with petitions and sites being formed to protest the upgrade, that Nintendo has now offered a downgrade for anybody who wants to play MP3s via the Wii.

The downgrade returns the Photo Channel to v1.0 and is available by navigating to the Data Management section of the console (located in the Wii Settings section). From here select the Channels tab and then choose and delete the Photo Channel in its entirety. The original v1.0 Photo Channel will then become available to you again via the main Wii menu screen.

The best thing is that if you ever have need of the upgraded version then you can upgrade again as usual, switching back and forth between versions as much as you want, according to WiiFanboy.

So, that was nice of Nintendo and all, but it begs the question of why they'd remove it in the new version if it doesn't actually stop you from playing MP3s in the long-run anyway.

Do you use the Wii Photo Channel for MP3 playing, or is it just wasted space on your consoles hard drive? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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