Eye of Judgement cards can be copied

Written by Joe Martin

October 26, 2007 | 11:41

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Despite supposedly being copy-proof, Sony's new card game for the PlayStation 3, Eye of Judgement, has proven easy to crack only a short while after the game has been released. All you need is a printer.

The game, which uses a top-down camera to scan an array of cards laid out beneath it, scans sets of symbols which can then be interpreted by the game and are treated as units and attacks in the game world. The game was supposed to use specially printed cards which would be hard/impossible to duplicate so that players would have to buy more cards and booster packs to get the most out of the game.

Apparently though, as proven by Kotaku, the copy protection system is easy to break and all you need to do is just print off a copy of the card you want. The camera for the game is actually very low-res, so the symbols it reads have to be very clear and recognisable - to the extent that even cheap ink printers can reproduce them.

Mike Fahey of Kotaku tested the system using a simple Cannon IP1800 printer and was able to get the game to recognise the cards, as well as register them online, without even cutting the card out of the sheet of paper.

This fact seems to be great for players, who will still be unable to cheat because copied cards must still obey the rules of the game, but bad for Sony and Wizards of The Coast, who manufacture the cards. Sony is in a shaky situation as it is, posting a loss of $845 million for the games department in the second quarter alone, so this news probably won't help.

Oh, and we don't endorse or suggest trying the copying method and the information here is purely for educational uses (and funnies). Really, don't try it, it's illegal. You're free to comment on it though, so do so in the forums.
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