BioShock copy protection fix released

Written by Joe Martin

October 15, 2007 | 09:54

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BioShock was a great game, but if there was one fly in the beautifully greasy ointment then it was the copy protection system, which used a system called SecuROM to limit the number of installs players could use.

SecuROM was a little flawed to say the least and we had to launch our own little investigation to find out exactly what was going on. We were even prepared to sacrifice a copy of the game in order to test the protection system by doing multiple install/uninstalls across multiple systems.

Now though, a fix has finally been released. Just as Ken Levine promised, a tool is now ready for download that will free up an 'install token' as long as the game has been installed legally.

Put simply, the BioShock Activation Revoke Tool will allow you to install and uninstall your game as many times as you want on a single system as long as there are no significant hardware changes. I know - it's hardly ideal, but at least it's there.

The tool can be downloaded from the official Cult of Rapture site and there's a full FAQ available too just in case you have any questions.

With that out of the way, it seems like now would be the ideal time to ask you how you feel about BioShock. It has been a while since release now, so has the appeal of the game gone the distance or did you quickly grow tired of Rapture? Drop your answers in the forums and discuss the matter at depth.
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