Far Cry 2 has cropped widescreen

Written by Joe Martin

October 23, 2008 | 10:02

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Uh-oh. We've seen this particular sequence of events before. It seems that, just like BioShock, Far Cry 2 has a problem with widescreen displays and doesn't render in true widescreen formats.

Spotted by the same group that found the problem with BioShock, WidescreenGaming has discovered that the game instead crops off the top and bottom of the screen when displayed on a 16:9 display. The result is that you see even less of the game than you might on a standard sized screen.

Not too long ago, BioShock was found to have the same fault and this was one of many flaws that soured fans against the game. Well, that and copy-protection - but Ubisoft have been transparent on that front and admitted that they are using the same DRM solution as BioShock.

2K Games eventually released a patch for the widescreen issue that made the game render properly in widescreen. We can only hope that Ubisoft will do the same, though hopefully quicker than 2K did.

If you want, you can check out our extensive Far Cry 2 review and graphics analysis for more information about the game.

Below you can check out what information is missing from a widescreen view of the game in a screenshot borrowed from WidescreenGaming. Let us know if it's going to be a problem for you in the forums.

Far Cry 2 has cropped widescreen Far Cry 2 has cropped widescreen
Far Cry 2 will cut out the red sections of these images on widescreen displays

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