GOG.com launches 10th anniversary giveaway

October 2, 2018 | 10:34

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GOG.com, formerly known as Good Old Games, is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a giveaway - and its customers are being asked to vote on which of three games should be the focus.

The digital storefront of Polish developer CD Projekt, Good Old Games went into public beta in October 2008 as a storefront for republished third-party classic PC games, including the original Fallout series, Sacrifice, Jagged Alliance, and Sacred Gold. The site would eventually lose its focus on classic games, inspired by CD Projekt's start in 1994 as an importer and re-publisher of foreign games on physical media, expanding to cover new-release titles and, later, non-gaming media - all of which is provided without digital rights management (DRM) encumbrance, known to its critics as digital restrictions management.

To celebrate its tenth year in the digital distribution game, GOG.com - having lost its Good Old Games branding when it stopped offering exclusively older titles - is giving away a game to its users, but only if they vote on which game should be the focus. There are three games from which to choose: first-person shooter Shadow Warrior 2, time-control first-person shooter Superhot, and first-person walking adventure Firewatch. Voting ends in just over two days, after which the selected game will be available to download.

More information on the offer, the link to vote, and an interactive timeline of GOG.com's history can be found on the anniversary page.

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