Halo 5's Forge mode is coming to Windows 10 as a free download

Written by Jake Tucker

May 19, 2016 | 23:38

Tags: #fps #halo-5 #windows-10

Companies: #microsoft

Microsoft aren't saying that Halo 5 is coming to PC, but with the announcement that the Xbox One blaster's sandbox Forge mode will be coming as a free standalone to Windows 10 PC's later this year, they're not not saying that. If you get my drift

Forge mode is something of a cut-back Garry's Mod: Players build levels together, and occasionally they'll also put together mini-games too. It's functionally Halo's level editor, but it's not a complete level editor, instead just a wide open space where people can drop things into a space, experiment with them and then play with the lighting and weather. Want to make a racetrack out of shipping crates? A platforming level that spirals high into the clouds? Also doable, providing you don't hit the skybox.

It's a positive step, even if it isn't a full release of Halo 5 (which I liked a lot) and is maybe a step towards us potentially having Halo games on the PC again. More so, I'm a fan of big open sandboxes that everyone has access to for free. Providing you've agreed to Windows updating your machine to 10. Just let it happen, Microsoft really wants you to have Windows 10 guys.

The last Halo to come to our keyboard infested waters was Halo 2 in 2007, a few years after the game came to the Xbox. The forthcoming Halo Wars 2 will very probably be coming our way, but it's not the same.

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