Halo 3: Legendary Edition falsely advertised?

Written by Joe Martin

September 28, 2007 | 13:06

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There was always bound to be problems and disappointed parties as Halo 3 launched in all it's various forms and editions. Not only has poor packaging resulted in scratched discs for the Limited Edition version of the game, but now the Legendary Edition has come under fire also.

Complaints about the Legendary Edition, which cost around £70 originally but are now hard to find for less than £130, are centred around some supposedly re-mastered scenes from the previous games which are stored on a bonus DVD.

The packaging for the extra disc reads that scenes from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 have been "completely re-mastered, [into] hi-res versions" of the original cutscenes. However, many customers have been dismayed to find what they have described as clips which are poorly compressed, washed out and with considerable artificing, according to Eurogamer.

In a recent comment to IGN, the lead writer for the game Frank O'Connor has tried to clear the issue up.

"The cut-scenes were re-mastered, the pop-in reduced and they were output as as high resolution TIFFs one frame at a time to improve the quality over the originals...they were not, contrary to popular belief, re-mastered in 'HD'. And this was always advertised as a DVD disc, which obviously can't play HD content anyway."

Frank apologised to anybody who had been upset about the issue, but said that any claims of false advertising were actually false themselves.

"Hopefully folks can see past our old school graphics and listen to the commentary, which is the important part of that content anyway," he said.

So, which version of Halo 3 did you pick up and how would you rate it over a standard release? For that matter, have you ever bought a collectors or limited edition copy of a game which you felt has been worth the extra cost? Answers and comments in the forums.
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